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Repurchase Marketing

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Do you know if your top customers are thinking about you?


The top 20% of your customers are your most important asset and building individual Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is the way to maximize profits.  Individual customer relationships must be designed around the end goal of maximizing CLV.  
Repurchase Marketing collaborates with great retail brands by helping them design and monetize much stronger individual customer relationships, always focused on the metric of optimizing CLV.
It is not a binary choice between online and in-store.  The promised land for great brands is harmonized omni-channel retail designed around direct one-to-one customer relationships that continuously produces more revenue through increasing CLV.
Repurchase Marketing helps its clients engage and interact with their clients as individual people, not as statistics.


The brand/retailer and the customer are two interacting objects.  The nature and quality and force of their interactions determine the re-purchasing activity of the customer.

The First Law of Marketing is found in Newton’s third law of motion:

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

What this means is that a zero, weak, generic and inconsequential action on the part of the seller creates correspondingly zero action on the part of the customer. But a strong , personalized and meaningful action will see the customer move towards the seller with new active buying.

Strong interactions with the right customers create equally strong responses enough of the time to produce large increases in high-margin revenues.

At Repurchase Marketing, it is all about helping our clients strategically design the right interactions to create much more repurchase activity by their top customers.




Our unique analytics and marketing services enable retail clients to very significantly increase the repurchase activity of their top customers, resulting in...

  • new levels of organic growth

  • much higher top line sales

  • reduced churn

  • lower marketing and advertising costs as a percentage of volume

  • higher profits

  • increases to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


James F Feldstein

Phone: 312-961-9478

601 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 103
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

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Repurchase Marketing is a boutique customer relations firm focused on consumer behavior and helping retail brands and retailers increase the repurchase activity of their top omnichannel customers and build Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Increasing sales to existing customers is the single most efficient, cost-effective and profitable source of revenue growth.  By working with clients to help them sell much more to current customers, we are simultaneously helping leverage their original investment in the earlier acquisition of those customers.

Repurchase Marketing works with clients to develop and then hit key metrics for significant sales growth from current customers.  The focus of our advisory work is around the goal in any one year of seeing 25% of a client’s top customers double their purchases, creating an increase in total top line retail revenues of 20%.


We help our clients leverage their investment in their CRM systems through relentless focus on and analysis of the critical purchasing data created by their top customers—the signals in the data and not the noise. We are the human complement to your CRM system, making possible Real Personalized Marketing.  Think of it as the right brain working to make sense of and exploit the patterns of the raw data found in the left brain.

We turn Customer Information Management on its head.  The key to Real Personalized Marketing is giving your customers enticing information about your products and their availability, and nudging frictionless purchases.   This is what we consider “the information advantage.”  What the customer knows about your products is much more important than what you know about your customers.

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